For Lymphoedema and other lymphatic system conditions


What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema is a build up of excess, fluid most commonly in the arms or legs, developed when excess fluid fails to be drained away from the tissues.  This is due to damage of the lymphatic system, most commonly as a result of surgery to remove lymph nodes as part of cancer treatment and is known as secondary lymphoedema. Primary lymphoedema can be present at birth or develop through childhood.


Physical and emotional impact

There are many adverse physical and emotional side effects of lymphoedema, not least chronic pain and discomfort, distorted limb shape and feeling of tightness, impaired function and lowered flexibility.  Traditionally the condition is treated by manual lymph drainage together with/or compression garments.


Significant relief through reflexology

Through an award winning and unique sequence that has been researched and developed by Sally Kay (BSc Hons) whilst working in cancer care, this specific reflexology technique has been shown to stimulate and encourage the draining of excess lymph fluid from the system with some amazing results.


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Below are some quotes taken from the qualitative data from the research which re-inforce the effectiveness of this reflexology technique:


"...I found the whole thing was just one of the top 10 highlights of my life."


"It's lighter, I haven't got the heaviness, I haven't got the aching in my arm, the swelling has gone down, I can stretch my arm, it just feels all over a lot better"


"I look at myself in the mirror now and I can see there's an actual shape to my arm whereas before it went straight down."


"I want it to continue because I think it's wonderful...I think it's the best thing that's happened."





What’s involved in the reflexology treatment?

Depending on the presenting lymphoedema, we will first take measurements of both the affected and non-affected limb in order to evaluate the excess fluid in the affected limb. This is followed by an approximate 40-45 mins foot reflexology treatment, focusing specifically on the lymphatic system. 


This treatment is non-invasive and incredibly relaxing and involves precise, gentle massage movements on specific parts of the feet.  After each reflexology session a further set of measurements are taken and from these data we are then able to calculate the fluid loss achieved.  We will then discuss an on-going treatment plan that suits each individual client’s requirement aimed at delivering the best possible outcome.


Benefits for other related conditions

Although the research to date and referred to above is specific to secondary lymphoedema in patients affected by treatment for breast cancer, this specific reflexology technique can also be used to help with other conditions affected by the lymphatic system such as:


Arthritis                                                Sinus problems

Asthma                                                Migraines

Eczema                                               Headaches

Chronic Fatigue                                   Muscular tension

Fibromyalgia                                        Aches and Pains

ME                                                       Premenstrual Syndrome







Youtube video of Sally Kay demonstrating an RLD treatment and how it has enhanced the client's everyday life

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